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Danilo Manuputty, the founder of KICK, had the chance to interview several interesting guests when KICK Academy and Events attended the Green Culture Festival in Montenegro. Read on to get to know The Whale Company, which promotes connection to nature and persuades a more sustainable world.

Green Culture is an international platform for likeminded people, who want to work towards sustainability. From the 20 – 27th of May, 2018, Green Culture took place for the seventh time in Montenegro. It was the location to be for climate scientists, green entrepreneurs, and philosophers, among many others, who altogether discussed the best sustainable practices to empower a movement for a better humanity.

Carolyn Newton, founder, and Carlos de Souza, Co-Founder of the Whale Company, and three enthusiastic students were interviewed by the 14-year-old founder of KICK, Danilo Manuputty.
After being asked about the motivation to start The Whale Company, Newton was clearly still resentful towards the story she was about to tell. She explained that it all started when she read an article about a whale that had been washed up on a beach 12 years ago. After its death, it was cut open for the autopsy, and to everyone’s surprise, a lot of plastic waste was found in the whale’s body. Up to that point, this upsetting topic had not gotten enough recognition. Therefore, to make a change, Newton started designing and selling organic cotton bags, the so-called whale bags, to stop people from buying plastic bags. She stated, that this was her first step to be followed by many more, by ensuring that waste was converted into a useful product.

Furthermore, the company began to grow and she started educational programs for schools, to teach students how to turn plastic waste into innovative products. The Bottle Board workshop is the biggest project, where students build a paddle board, made out of plastic bottles and waste. Afterward, they get to test it in the water right away. Thus, combining fun with a serious topic.

Carolyn and Carlos like to act as role models, considering the fact that they joined the 300 km paddle marathon on their self-made plastic-waste paddle boards to raise awareness of plastic pollution in our waterways.

KICK wishes The Whale Company many more successful events and keeps in touch for further support.