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The Green Culture Festivalin Montenegro gave KICK Academy and Events the opportunity to interview interesting personalities. Danilo Manuputty, the 14-year-old founder of KICK, interviewed Vesna Sokolovska about the past week, her ambition and inspiration.

Vesna Sokolovska is the founder and idea behind the Green Culture project. She leads the NGO Krug, which is based in London. It has many branches, from Podgorica and Cetinje, to Montenegro and Skopje, Macedonia.

Vesna has been committed the whole week to make the festival an unforgettable event. Nevertheless, in her busy schedule she has managed to make time to have an interview with KICK.

Outside on the terrace of the resort we spoke to Vesna Sokolovska at the end of the festival. We look back on the inspiring week. During our interview guests often stopped by to thank Vesna and greet her.

This year was the seventh edition of the festival. How did it all start? “It started as a small festival on the lake, but we had a vision to change this. We wished for a festival with workshops and lectures with regard to sustainability, to bring people into contact with each other and to get in touch with our green goals “, Vesna recalls.

Over the years, the Green Culture Festival has turned into a well-filled festival of up to seven days. Lectures are held at several locations throughout Montenegro and many guests from across the world attend the festival. But Vesna still has big dreams and expectations in five years. “By this time we hope to be able to fill the entire resort with even more enthusiastic guests and international artists, to create a hotspot where everyone talk, discuss and make new acquaintances.”

In retrospect the past week, both KICK and Vesna experienced an exuberant festival that motivates us to continue with our organizations. “It was hectic, but inside I feel calm and satisfied. This week has created wonderful opportunities and challenges and will be the starting point for many collaborations “, explains Vesna.

And KICK is fully in line with that. We also enjoyed the festival and hope to be part of the festival with a bus full of students next year.